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1   Boundaries face to face : how to have that difficult conversation you've been avoidingby Cloud, Henry.(c2003)   Due:08/10/2014
Location: Main Library /  158.2 Clo
In Boundaries Face to Face authors Cloud and Townsend take the principles from their best-selling book Boundaries and apply them to a variety of the most common difficult situations and relationships.

2   Boundaries face to face : how to have that difficult conversation you've been avoidingby Cloud, Henry.(c2003)   Due:07/23/2014
Location: Storage: Avail for checkout /  158.2 Clo Copy 2
In Boundaries Face to Face authors Cloud and Townsend take the principles from their best-selling book Boundaries and apply them to a variety of the most common difficult situations and relationships.

3   The Bible answer bookby Hanegraaff, Hank.(c2004)   In
Location: Main Library /  220 Han
The Bible Answer Book is a simple guide covering 200 of the top questions that the Bible Answer Man has dealt with in his ministry. Topics include parents and kids, religions, difficulty, faith, fear, sin, salvation, and many more issues vital to understanding the path to better understanding God. Each question is approached in Hanegraaff's scholarly, easy-to-understand style, and he even suggests additional sources for readers who want to explore the topics further.

4   Answers to your kids' questionsby Colson, Charles W.(c2000)   In
Location: Main Library /  230 Col
In an easy-to-use Q&A format, Chuck Colson helps parents, teachers, and youthworkers answer one hundred of the most pressing questions teenagers have about God, evil, evolution, sex, culture, school, and their future. Based on Colson's popular BreakPoint radio commentaries, this book provides a resource parents will turn to repeatedly during their kids' teen years.

5   What's so great about Christianityby D'Souza, Dinesh, 1961-(c2007)   In
Location: Main Library /  230 DSo
What's So Great about Christianity provides believers with a straightforward tool kit for meeting the challenge of modern atheism and secularism; for nonbelievers, it offers a compelling apologetic that will challenge their assumptions and affirm that there really is something great about Christianity.

6   Protecting your teen from today's witchcraft : a parent's guide to confronting Wicca and the occultby Russo, Steve, 1953-(c2005)   In
Location: Main Library /  235.4 Rus
"Gives parents the facts about Wicca, tips on recognizing its influence in teens, and practical advice for guiding their children in the right direction"--Provided by publisher.

7   The purity principleby Alcorn, Randy C.(c2003)   In
Location: Main Library /  241.66 Alc
This book deals with - raising children to embrace sexual purity - providing an example of purity in the home - protecting purity in dating (at any age) - and maintaining purity in marriage. Biblical, practical, and concise, The Purity Principle is a one-stop handbook for individuals, families and churches.

8   The 25 days of Christmas : an advent celebration for the entire familyby Bauer, Rebecca Hayford.(c1994)   In
Location: Main Library /  242.33 Bau
This beautiful book features daily devotionals, hymns and carols, hints for Christmas family activities, a checklist for stress-free holiday preparations and inspirational art.

9   Praying God's will for my sonby Roberts, Lee, 1941-(c1993)   In
Location: Main Library /  242.845 Rob
Whether you are praying for specific needs--confidence, protection, forgiveness--or for your son to experience the presence and power of God, you will find the perfect prayers contained in this book. With hundreds of prayers grouped according to topic and based entirely on Scripture, you will have within your reach a rich resource of personal, inspirational prayer.

10   When children pray : how God uses the prayers of a childby Fuller, Cheri.(c1998)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.32 Ful
this book prepares parents to teach their children how to pray -- not merely the mechanics, but understanding and claiming the power of their heavenly Father through prayer.

11   The power of a praying parentby Omartian, Stormie.(c1995)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.32 Oma
readers will discover confidence and peace in their parenting skills as they learn to pray for their children in a life-changing way.

12   The power of praying for your adult childrenby Omartian, Stormie.(c2009)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.32 Oma
In this important follow-up to her book The Power of a PrayingStormie Omartian addresses the areas of concern parents have for their grown children and shares how to lift them up to God. With stories from other parents and insight gleaned from personal experience, Stormie helps parents pray with the power of God's Word over their adult children. Each year thousands of parents watch their grown children step out into the world and wish they could do more to support them. They can. Every parent can rest in the power of prayer to turn their child over to the care, protection, and guidance God provides.

13   Praying prodigals homeby Sherrer, Quin.(c2000)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.32 She Copy 2
Praying Prodigals Home reminds us that for those of faith, victory is always within our grasp and that our loved ones are eternally dear to His heart.

14   Boundaries : when to say yes, when to say no to take control of your lifeby Cloud, Henry.(c1992)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.4 Clo
Often, Christians focus so much on being loving and unselfish that they forget their own limits and limitations. When confronted with their lack of boundaries, they ask: - Can I set limits and still be a loving person? - What are legitimate boundaries? - What if someone is upset or hurt by my boundaries? - How do I answer someone who wants my time, love, energy, or money? - Aren't boundaries selfish? - Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries? Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even ourselves.

15   Boundaries : when to say yes, when to say no to take control of your lifeby Cloud, Henry.(c1992)   Due:08/10/2014
Location: Main Library /  248.4 Clo Copy 2
Aren't boundaries selfish? - Why do I feel guilty or afraid when I consider setting boundaries? Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend offer biblically-based answers to these and other tough questions, showing us how to set healthy boundaries with our parents, spouses, children, friends, co-workers, and even ourselves.

16   The journey : how to live by faith in an uncertain worldby Graham, Billy, 1918-( 2006)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.4 Gra
Chapter by chapter, Graham leads us on a journey in faith. We learn about God and his purpose for our lives; who Jesus is and what he has done for us. We are reminded of the things God has given us to live successfully: the Bible, the privilege of prayer, fellowship and the church, and the Holy Spirit. We learn to deal with challenges along the way: temptation, wrong thoughts and motives, emotions that can defeat us, habits that destroy our spirit, and what to do when life turns against us. And we are given practical advice on knowing God's will, making right decision, strengthening our marriages, being wise parents, and using our gifts to share Christ with others.

17   Faith begins at homeby Holmen, Mark.(c2005)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.4 Hol
A book for parents that will inspire, motivate and equip them to establish their home as the primary place where faith is nurtured. This book is filled with inspirational stories and practical ideas that families can begin implementing today to bring Christ and Christ-like living into the center of their home. This resource isa perfect gift to give to new parents and it also has discussion questions at the end of each chapter which also makes it a perfect resource for family small groups.

18   Choosing to live the blessing : bring the gift of light and life to every relationshipby Trent, John T.( 1998)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.4 Tre
John Trent shows us how we can face the painful pictures of our past and choose to live--and give--God's blessing. With poignant vignettes from Scripture, from the lives of everyday people, and from his own struggles to face a painful, disappointing past, Trent paints a vivid picture of the powerful impact of choosing to bless those around us.

19   Uncommon : finding your path to significanceby Dungy, Tony.( 2009)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.842 Dun
Super Bowl-winning coach and #1 New York Times best selling author Tony Dungy reveals lessons on achieving significance that he has learned from his remarkable parents, his athletic and coaching career, his mentors, and his journey with God. A particular focus of the book: what it means to be a man of significance in a culture that is offering young men few positive role models.

20   Point man : how a man can lead a familyby Farrar, Steve.(c1990)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.842 Far
This bestselling classic encourages and equips Christian men to lead their families successfully through hazards and ambushes like divorce, promiscuity, suicide, and drug addiction. Men will find practical insight on topics such as a father's influence, maintaining purity, and husband-and-wife teamwork. In this war, renowned men's author Steve Farrar emphasizes, Jesus Christ is looking for men who will not die, but live for their families.

21   They call me Dad : the practical art of effective fatheringby Canfield, Ken R.(c2005)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8421 Can
Developed from years of research and shaped by a biblical world view, They Call Me Dad is a powerful exposé of the spiritual insights of effective fathering. Dr. Canfield encourages fathers to activate their faith through modeling and teaching children to out-think, out-live, and out-love the world.

22   What kids need most in a dadby Hansel, Tim.(c1984)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8421 Han
Packed with positive biblical principles, creative ideas, and practical time-tested advice, this book will help you invest yourself in your children's future.

23   What a difference a daddy makes : the indelible imprint a Dad leaves on his daughter's lifeby Leman, Kevin.(c2000)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8421 Lem
Study after study shows that fathers set up their daughters for success. Involved fathers-whether or not they live in the same house as their daughters-boost their daughters' academic achievement, promote their emotional health, increase their compassion for others, and even bolster the status of women. In What a Difference a Daddy Makes, renowned psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman seamlessly weaves the latest research on fathering with funny, moving stories about his own parenting experiences. He gives practical ideas and inspiration for fathers and provides specific direction for helping daughters grow into loving, confident, caring adults.

24   Malachi Dads The Heart of a Father( 2013)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8421 Mal
Book curriculum used by Malachi Dad's men's bible study.

25   She calls me daddy : seven things every man needs to know about building a complete daughterby Wolgemuth, Robert D.(c1996)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8421 Wol
Focusing on seven things every man should know about raising a girl, it concentrates on specific areas of growth to reveal what a father can do to ensure she becomes the woman God wants her to be.

26   The look: does God really care what I wear?by DeMoss, Nancy Leigh( 2010)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.843 DeM
Nancy Leigh DeMoss challenges Christians to ask themselves tough questions: Who decides what I will wear, and why? What message does my clothing communicate? And, how can I reflect the glory of God in my wardrobe? Biblical, practical and motivating, "The Look" challenges women (young or older), parents, and teens to discover the Truth about clothing and modesty, and to make choices based on God's eternal perspective.

27   Your home : a place of graceby Hunt, Susan, 1940-(c2000)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.843 Hun
You have everything you need to make your home a haven of grace. God's presence brings peace to your home and empowers you to reflect His goodness. Beyond Himself, God has given you the church so that your home can be all it should be. In God's definition, the church is part of your family--so whether you're married or widowed, a parent or single, you have an extended family. You have grandparents in the faith who can share with you what they have learned about living in a relationship with God and others, and whose words and example will show you how to raise the next faith generation.

28   In the company of women : deepening our relationships with the important women in our lives--mothers, daughters, sisters, friends & mentorsby Hunter, Brenda.(c1994)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.843 Hun
All women long for the enjoyment, counsel and emotional support found in close relationships. However, although they might wish that strong friendships would just "happen," they generally find that they require skill and effort. In the Company of Women gives insight into the art of friendship, offering wisdom and practical advice into how a woman can make-and nurture-lifelong relationships with other women. Whether a woman is single or married, employed or parenting full-time, In the Company of Women will give her tips for building stronger, closer relationships with her mother, sisters, daughters, friends, mentors and peers throughout every phase of her life.

29   When mothers prayby Fuller, Cheri.(c1997)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Ful
The stories in When Mothers Pray reveal that when the love of a mother for her child is connected with God's power through prayer, an irresistable force is released that changes kids, situations, families, schools...and entire communities! Discover how this power multiplies as mothers join together and pray. Overcome busyness and discouragement as you apply the simple prayer strategies within. Here's fresh motivation to make a difference in the lives of your children through your faith-filled prayers.

30   The power of a positive momby Ladd, Karol.(c2001)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Lad
If you are a mother, you may not look in the mirror everyday and see yourself as having a great influence on the world, but you do! No one has a greater impact on the home than a mother, and that impact can be defeatingly negative or powerfully positive. This book will help ensure that your impact is positive. In the pages of this insightful and inspiring book, you will learn seven, simple principles for shaping your family for good -- principles that work for stay-at-home and working moms alike. As you read this captivating book, you will see how your attitude and actions can fill the lives of those you care about the most with love and encouragement. Become the mom you've always wanted to be. You might even surpass your own dreams.

31   Hannah's gift: the heart of a motherby Miller, Dr. Kristi( 2013)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Mil
Bible study curriculum for the Hannah's Gift ministry in women's prisons.

32   Feathers from my nest : a mother's reflectionsby Moore, Beth, 1957-(c2001)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Moo
This book not only tugs gently on the sentimental heartstrings of parents, it also reminds us all of the gift of grace children offer our lives every day.

33   Momology : a mom's guide to shaping great kidsby Radic, Shelly.(c2010)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Rad
Mothering is part art, part science, and always a work in progress! Created with the next generation of mothers in mind, Momology is a delightful collaboration of celebration and information to help readers be the unique mothers God created them to be. With access to 36 years of research-based ministry at MOPS, Momology shares the four core elements of successful mothering using a variety of voices: parenting and relationship experts, peer-to-peer advice, and the respected team at MOPS International.

34   What kids need most in a momby Rushford, Patricia H.(c1986)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Rus
Superman is a fictional character. So what makes us think that "supermom" isn't? With hope, honesty, and humor, What Kids Need Most in a Mom provides direction on how each mom can make the most of the love, talents, responsibilities, and frailties that have been given to her. It focuses on essential motherhood know-how, such as trusting sons and daughters to God's care, instilling forgiveness in children, getting out of the "guilt factory," celebrating life, and sharing important discoveries with kids. This insightful book is perfect for baby showers, parenting classes, and Mother's Day. The new edition includes a new introduction and new writing from Patricia Rushford.

35   Mommy's locked in the bathroom : surviving your child's early years with your sanity and salvation intact!by Sumner, Cynthia W.(c2003)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Sum
Readers will learn small things they can do to make a big difference in their energy level; ways to enlist the help of their husband; how to get away from it all without leaving home; and much more!

36   Beside every great dadby Swihart, Nancy L.(c1993)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Swi
The author's research, experiences and personal encounters have given him and understanding of fathers feelings and challenges.

37   And then I had kids : encouragement for mothers of young childrenby Yates, Susan Alexander.( 2002)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.8431 Yat
Susan Alexander Yates is an author who has truly "been there." When her twin daughters were born, they joined siblings ages two, four, and seven. Through the challenges of raising those five young children, Susan realized the need for an honest, practical book that helps parents through that time of life.

38   Getting through the tough stuff by Swindoll, Charles R.(c2004)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.86 Swi
We live in a time when things are tough for a lot of folks. The boomers are beginning to feel anxiety as they move toward retirement. Many people are facing financial pressure and are up to their ears in debt. We are having to care for both our kids and our parents. The pace of life, and the demands of life, just keep getting more intense. And for many, these tough times bring life crises. This is a book of encouragement, hope and freedom... an invitation to meet Christ at the crossroads of our lives and move beyond the tough times.

39   Empty arms : emotional support for those who have suffered a miscarriage, stillbirth or tubal pregnancyby Vredevelt, Pam W., 1955-( 1994)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.86 Vre
Empty Arms encourages families to meet their babies and say hello before rushing to say goodbye. With compassion that comes from Sherokee and David's experience of having lived through the death of their son Brennan, the book offers guidance and practical suggestions for the decision-making at the time (including why and how one might see, hold, and memorialize one's baby) and over time (such as how to handle such times as anniversaries, holidays and the birth of other babies in the parents' close circle.)

40   It's okay to cry : a parent's guide to helping children through the losses of lifeby Wright, H. Norman.( 2004)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.86 Wri
Look through the eyes of a child again. When something unexpected, disappointing, or traumatic occurs, children feel a very real sense of loss. They may respond with fear or with anger. Most likely they are confused. They have questions they want answered. They need help from their parents or others who care to understand and process their grief. It’s Okay to Cry offers practical help for parents. It explains the symptoms of loss and unresolved grief so that parents can recognize them and walk alongside their children on the path to recovery.

41   A special kind of love : for those who love children with special needsby Osborn, Susan Titus, 1944-( 2004)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.864 Osb
All children are special, but some children have special needs. Where do the parents of a child with special needs go for comfort? What other individuals do they know who share their daily struggles, while watching their child try to "fit" into a normal world? Written for moms, dads, grandparents, foster parents, and extended families who live with these children on a day-to-day basis, this book will also be a blessing for teachers, doctors, social workers, friends of the family, and pastors who work with these children. A Special Kind of Love will bring families of children with special needs together with other families who can identify with their struggles and share their victories along the way.

42   When a baby dies : answers to comfort grieving parentsby Nash, Ronald H.(c1999)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.866 Nas
'Is my baby with God now?' What does the Bible say to such a question? What hope does it offer parents grieving the loss of a precious child? The answers are merciful. However, the implications are not simple. Is God a Universalist? Is there salvation after death? What is the role of infant baptism? And what about the doctrine of depravity? If a baby is born into sin, then what? What happens to the unborn -- to the miscarried and the aborted? For pastors looking for biblical grounds to offer comfort and assurance, and for parents seeking solace for their grief, When a Baby Dies offers insights that are rich in hope and grounded solidly in Scripture.

43   I Will Carry Youby Smith, Angie( 2010)   In
Location: Main Library /  248.866 Smi
In 2008, Angie Smith and her husband Todd (lead singer of the group Selah) learned through ultrasound that their fourth daughter had conditions making her “incompatible with life.” Advised to terminate the pregnancy, the Smiths chose instead to carry this child and allow room for a miracle. That miracle came the day they met Audrey Caroline and got the chance to love her for the precious two-and-a-half hours she lived on earth.

44   Word Filled Familiesby Barnett, John S.( 2009)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Bar
This book is a complete study of everything the Bible teaches about marriage and family in 361 pages of easy to read lessons. Laid out in four sections, this book urges the reader to first cultivate godly habits (a Word-filled life); then to energize their relationship with their husband or wife (a Word-filled marriage); then how to apply that in the home (Word-filled parenting); and finally how to never stop having a godly impact on family and friends through Word-filled prayers!

45   Love & respect in the family : the respect parents desire : the love children needby Eggerichs, Emerson.( 2013)   Due:07/30/2014
Location: Main Library /  249 Egg
Eggerichs builds on a foundation of strong biblical principles, walking the reader through an entirely new way to approach the family dynamic. For instance, God reveals ways to defuse the craziness with our children from preschooler to teen, plus how to motivate them to obey and how to deal with them when they don’t. In the Bible, God has spoken specifically to parents on how to parent. This book is about that revelation.

46   The shaping of a Christian familyby Elliot, Elisabeth.(c1992)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Ell
Christian parents have a responsibility to raise their children using scriptural principles. Using examples from her own childhood, the author shows how to do that in terms of trust, discipline, courtesy, and teaching by example.

47   Adventures for growing familiesby Haystead, Wesley.(c1993)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Hay
This book contains a wide variety of creative family activiies which help children and parents enjoy exploring the major themes of the Christian faith.

48   The fulfilled family : God's design for your familyby MacArthur, John, 1939-(c2005)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Mac
With traditional family values in decline and under assault, how can parents convey Godly principles and morals amid competing messages? In The Fulfilled Family, John MacArthur, respected Bible teacher as well as experienced father and grandfather, takes a look at strategy for families as outlined in Ephesians 5 and 6. What is MacArthur's secret to his successful family? "There's no magic. There's no formula. There's no gimmick," he says. "It's not about how many times we did something, or who was in charge of this or that, or what kind of processes or methods we used. It comes down to questions that have to start in my heart: Am I committed to obedience to the Spirit of God? Am I committed to the controlling influences of the Word of God? Am I going to live out a Christian life? Because you must first answer yes to all of those questions before you have a successful family."

49   God's Grand Vision for the Homeby Rienow, Rob( 2007)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Rei
God's plan for the family as found in the pages of Scripture. With simple, practical steps that parents can take to turn their homes into discipleship centers! Sound, evangelical, biblical, practical!

50   The strong family: growing wise in family lifeby Swindoll, Charles R.(c1988)   In
Location: Main Library /  249 Swi
In fourteen warm, lively chapters, Chuck Swindoll shows how wisdom can fill the rooms of your home with love, laughter, mutual respect . . . and a treasure chest of memories

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